Imagine the web of an elastic network...

Now put yourself under it with at least one friend (either at Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo or Moscow).

Each friend will occupy a hole in the net.

Now move, and don’t let your node burst!

Wearable Nets [Redes Vestíveis] is a collective performance based on a virtual elastic net.

Through an online and geo-localized application installed in mobile phones, two or more people get connected to a virtual network graphically represented

on the phone screen by one elastic net. With each new participation, a new node is added to the weft, tensioned by movements and physical displacements

in nearby and distant places.

The body that moves inside the virtual net stimulates the others to move too; if they don’t, the nodes in the network are shred and burst, disconnecting the

participating subject from the work. The information takes over the body, moving it.

It is intended to suggest new experiences for this spatially located body that performs against what it doesn’t see, but, yet, is able to feel, somewhere between

corporeal and incorporeal.


Conception and Direction: Cláudio Bueno []

Programming: Roger Sodré - Studio Avante

Photo Home: Cauê Ito

Wearable Nets [Redes Vestíveis] was awarded in the festival Vivo Arte.Mov 2010.